Social Media has become a reflection of our day to day life. Instagram is one of the most popular social media account especially for celebrities to keep them connected with their fans and give updates about what is happening beyond the silver screen.

Have a look at the list of Top followed Bollywood actresses on Instagram

1.Priyanka Chopra- 45 million followers

Top followed Bollywood actress on Instagram
Image source: Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

Global Icon Priyanka Chopra topped the list in the followers on Instagram. She is quite active on her social media accounts and shares her life updates with her fans. Whether her romantic posts with her husband Nick Jonas or hot photoshoots all are well received by her followers

2.Deepika Padukone-39.3 millions of followers

Top followed Bollywood actress on Instagram
Image Source: Deepika Padukone/Instagram

Deepika Padukone is the most gorgeous woman in the world from Bollywood and also becomes the first Indian woman to ranked in the top five of the Forbes India celebrity 100 lists. She has the second-highest followers on Instagram. Deepika has 37.7 million followers on Instagram.

3.Alia Bhatt- 37.7 million followers

Top followed Bollywood actress on Instagram
Image Source: Alia Bhatt/Instagram

Student of the year girl Alia Bhatt is favorite among the fans. Apart from giving back to back hit movies, Alia is quite active on Instagram. Fans always have the curiosity to know what is happening new in her life. She is at 3rd position on Instagram followers list with 35.2 million followers.

4.Shraddha Kapoor-35 million followers

Top followed Bollywood actress on Instagram
Image source: Shraddha Kapoor/Instagram

Another Bollywood diva Shraddha Kapoor is getting so much love on Social Media. Ashiqui actress has 31.8 million followers on Instagram. 

5.Jacqueline Fernandez-33 million followers

Top followed Bollywood actress on Instagram
Image source: Jacqueline Fernandez/Instagram

Srilankan Beauty Jacqueline Fernandez takes the 5th spot with 30. 8 million followers. Jacqueline ruled the internet with her latest hot, beautiful posts together with fitness videos.

6.Anushka Sharma-28.6 million followers

Anushka Sharma
Image Source: Anushka Sharma/Instagram

Beauty with Brain Anushka Sharma is at the sixth spot in the list of the top followed Bollywood actress on Instagram. She along with her husband Virat Kohli loves interacting with their fans on Instagram. They have many fan accounts by #viruksha.

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7.Katrina Kaif-27.9 Million followers

Katrina Kaif
Image Source: Katrina Kaif/ Instagram

With a proud owner of 17.7 million followers, Katrina Kaif is at the 7th rank of the top followed Bollywood actress on Instagram. Sweetheart of B-town, Katrina have 550+ posts on Instagram full of glamour.

8.Sunny Leone- 26.9 million followers

sunny Leone
Image Source: Sunny Leone/Instagram

Sunny Leone is one of the most searched celebrities on Instagram. In the past few years, sunny made a place in Bollywood and in the hearts of millions of people. With 25.4 million followers on Instagram Sunny is in 8th position.

9.Disha Patani-25.6 million followers

Disha Patani
Image Source: Disha Patani/ Instagram

Bharat actress Disha Patani recently celebrated the 20 million milestones and reached 23.5 million followers on Instagram.  Disha Patani is one of the most talked Bollywood diva and Instagram sensation. Her workout videos and photos with rumored boyfriend Tiger Shroff is always making a buzz in the town.

10.Parineeti Chopra- 22.4 million followers

Parineeti Chopra
Image Source: Parineeti Chopra/Instagram

The 30 years old actress, Parineeti Chopra is famous for her charming attitude. She is also liked by fans for her movies and jolly nature. Parineeti has 21.2 million followers on Instagram account. She is in the 10th position on the top followed Bollywood actress list.

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